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Chicken Run (2000)  ALL

Having been hopelessly repressed and facing eventual certain death at the chicken farm where they are held, Rocky the rooster and Ginger the chicken decide to rebel against the evil Mr. and Ms. Tweedy, the farm's owners. Rocky and Ginger lead their fellow chickens in a great escape from the murderous farmers and their farm of doom.

Ginger, Bunty, Babs and Fowler are chickens who are trapped on their farm and desperately want to escape. If they don't produce any eggs for the week, Mr. and Ms. Tweedy will have their heads. After every attempt, they fail and their time is running out. When it seems like all their attempts have failed, an American rooster called Rocky falls into the farm. Seeing Rocky flying, Ginger now realizes that the only way out now, is by flying. The chickens must learn the trade of flying before time runs outs.

Chicken Run is a comedy escape drama with a touch of passion set on a sinister Yorkshire chicken farm in 1950's England. The film follows the turbulent romance between two farmyard chickens, Rocky and Ginger, who yearn for freedom and plan a daring 'prisoner of war' style escape.

A 'claymation' adventure from the creator of Wallace and Gromit, featuring chickens as the main characters. Ginger is the 'head chick', and she deviously plots to free all the chickens on the farm, preventing an otherwise certain 'Death By Chicken Pie'. After many failed attempts, she meets Rocky, the 'flying rooster', and decides that he holds the key to their freedom.

Ginger is one of the chickens at the Tweedy Egg Farm, who is capable of escaping (and desperately wants to) but is constantly being held back by her incompetent partners. One night, feeling failed and depressed after a chicken is axed, she wanders out to the gate, where she sees a rooster triumphantly flying through the air. After crashing and injuring his wing, Ginger takes him in and learns he's Rocky Rhodes, a cocky American who enjoys freedom - in fact, he escaped from a circus when she found him. In exchange for protecting him when the circus arrives asking for him, Ginger makes a deal with Rocky that he will teach them to fly so they can escape. Taking advantage of the situation, Rocky woos the chicken, irritating Ginger "Doll-Face" and organizer Officer Fowler, formerly of the Royal Air Force, in the process. Meanwhile, the Tweedys have purchased a machine to make chicken pies with, intending to cook every last one of them.

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